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Terms & Conditions

It is hereby stated that this website and booking engine, is owned and operated by A2B Cyprus owner and operator of A2b.com.cy and reservation system.
By using the booking service directly from A2b.com.cy or other distribution channels i.e. affiliated websites, and accepting the disclaimer you agree to be bound to the following terms & conditions:

  • A2B Cyprus and/or www.a2b.com.cy and/or owner and/or operator of A2b.com.cy and reservation system from now on called a2b.com.cy makes available for the internet users, direct clients and agents, data and services offered by collaborating parties. Through this reservation system the end user can book and pay a transfer to the available destinations around Cyprus.
  • All of these services & products are bound by the current terms and conditions. Additionally, each service that becomes available as a result of using the current web application is also bound by the terms and conditions of the local collaborating party supplying the service (taxi firm, individual drivers, and transfer companies). The terms of each local service supplier are at the clients’ disposal if requested.
  • A2b.com.cy will NOT be held accountable for any issues arising from a service provided by a collaborating party other than the ones booked through the reservation system. In case of any disagreement or if any of these terms fail to fully satisfy you in any way, your authorization to use this website or any related service, automatically ends.
  • Anyone that uses this website and agrees to services provided as a result will be deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.
Website www.a2b.com.cy is available in multiple languages. Customer Service team can assist you in Greek, English.
  • Great care is given in accurately translating the content of website as well as terms and conditions. However, in the case of discrepancy, the
  • Greek version will prevail.
  • Reservations are accepted at least one hour before the time of transfer.
  • Make sure that dates and times are correct e.g. For Cyprus Airport Taxi services (Larnaca Airport Taxi and Paphos Airport Taxi), you not confuse your arrival time in Cyprus with the departure of the aircraft from the country you come from.
  • Make sure you know the local time (Cyprus time).
  • All times will be listed on your booking will be local times (Cyprus time).
  • It is the responsibility of the customer the correct completion and/or checks all the fields in the booking and/or completion of the booking process and/or completion of the transaction.
  • Paid reservations can be canceled and are refundable but not the last 24 hours of the agreement time.
  • Cyprus Airport Taxi services (Larnaca Airport Taxi and Paphos Airport Taxi) – Airports transfers by the Larnaca and Pafos Airports with reservation via A2b.com.cy include:
  • – 60 minutes of gratis waiting after the scheduled landing time
- Meet & Greet service
- parking fees
  • When contracting a transfer, the driver will wait for a maximum of 60 minutes from the time your flight arrives. The waiting time from any other point shall be limited to 20 minutes from the agreed time.
  • For Cyprus Airport Taxi services (Larnaca Airport Taxi and Paphos Airport Taxi), it is your responsibility to check the time agreed for pickup for your transfer service, as well as making sure the arrival time at the departure airport. It is important that, under no circumstances you should be at the check in desk less than two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
  • A2b.com.cy is not responsible for delays due to force majeure, or to other circumstances that are unpredictable or beyond our control, such as accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, police checkpoints, extreme weather conditions, etc.
  • The arranged transfer shall be accomplished between the points of origin and destination contracted. It is your responsibility to provide a complete address which includes a street name and number. With private transfers, the vehicle shall take you to, or pick you up from as close as possible to the accommodation, taking into account the limitations of the vehicle and access to the contracted address.
  • In case of travelling with children (who need child seating), it will be your own responsibility to notify A2b.com.cy at the time of confirming the booking. If you fail to notify A2b.com.cy that you are travelling with children, your transfer shall be dependent on available child seats in the vehicle. It is obligated to use child safety systems during the transfer. In case there are no seats available will not be realised the transport and the sum that was paid for the service it will be in its entirety not refundable.
  • Any variations to the transfer and/or journey originally discussed, booked and agreed to between the A2b.com.cy and the Client may be subject to additional charges, if these changes involve extra time and/or distance being covered and/or any other special request.
  • No hidden taxes, fees or extra charges will be payable upon completion of the job, except where additional distance being covered and/or waiting time and/or car parking charges have been incurred and/or any other special request and/or any other costs have been incurred, additional the originally discussed, booked and agreed to between the A2b.com.cy and the Client.
  • We reserve the right to alter our charges at any time.
  • We reserve the right substitute any vehicle or chauffeur/driver.
  • In the event of a “No-show” by the client, or if a booking is cancelled by the Customer any and all money paid will be totally non-refundable.
There will be refusal or termination of any booking with immediate effect if it places any driver or vehicle at risk of damage, violence or abuse by any passenger and we will ask all passengers to vacate the vehicle. No refunds will be given in such a case.
  • Customer’s all luggage and/or properties are carried entirely at their own risk and A2b.com.cy not be held responsible/liable for any loss/damage to such property.
  • A2b.com.cy cannot be held responsible for any loss financial, professional and/or any other loss, for missed connection times, flights, boats, trains and/or any other connections, due to the Taxi not arriving at the pick-up address at the booked time.
  • A2b.com.cy cannot be held responsible for any missed connections i.e. flights, boats, trains and/or any others connections due to adverse weather, traffic conditions, or road traffic accidents or road closures and/or for any other reason of force majeure.
  • For safety reasons it is the law that children and infants should occupy and travelling on their own proper seat. Therefore since a child or infant takes up a seat in any given vehicle, that seat will have to be counted. Parents and/or person accompanying the children and infants should take their own child seat with them but if this not possible it is very important that you email about this at info@a2b.com.cy before filling in your booking form on our site. In this way will may be able to provide an infant seat or a booster seat.
  • Still recommend and emphasized that parents and/or person accompanied the children and infants should take their own child seat with them.
In any case, children and infants are traveling with the responsibility of parents and/or the person accompanying them.
  • No alcohol will be allowed ‘inside’ the vehicle at any time under any circumstances. All alcohol transported must be stowed in the exterior luggage compartment. Should the vehicle require cleaning due to negligence and/or illness and/or other reason, a charge will be made to cover cost of cleaning and subsequent loss of earnings.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles.
  • The consumption of food is not permitted in any of the vehicles.
  • In accordance with Cyprus law, seat belts must be worn.
  • A2b.com.cy can NOT be held responsible for any claims exceeding the amount paid by the individual. In the unlikely event that the service is not delivered, the client might only be entitled to compensation up to the amount that has already been paid. No other claims can in any case be raised.
  • Please note, in all destinations, drivers reserve the right to deny embarkation to the vehicles in the event of inebriated or misbehaved clients.
  • There cannot be any refund for these cases and in the event of damages there may be prosecution and damage claims.
  • Regarding all insurance matters in respect to the distributed services it is clearly stated and accepted that since A2b.com.cy collaborates only with vehicles for which insurance coverage is obligated by law, the responsibility fully lies on the vehicle ownership.
  • The material contained in this web site is provided for general information only and does not constitute acceptance of any bookings that may be made. We accept NO responsibility for loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this site or from any taxi bookings made on this site.
  • We have taken reasonable care to ensure that the contents of this site are correct, but we CANNOT accept liability for wrong information provided to us by third parties or by our trading partners. We will NOT accept liability also, for any injury, death or loss in any capacity, due to information provided by any third party. Our liability as far as our own services or products are concerned is limited to an amount not exceeding their value.
  • This website and booking engine, the name “A2b.com.cy”, its logo and all related trading material are the trademarks or service marks is owned and operated by A2b Cyprus, as indicated above. Any use without written authorization, is absolutely forbidden.
When you book any of the services provided herein website, you accept to be bound by the terms and conditions of this. If you do not agree, you must not use this website.
  • Without prior notice A2b.com.cy reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever necessary at any time. The usage of A2b.com.cy will always conform to the most recent terms and conditions displayed on line.
The use of this site and its terms and conditions of use, are governed by the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. In the event of any disputes, concerning a service or any of these terms and conditions, therefore, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Cyprus.